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In 2009 Florida Solar One, professionally designed and built the 2nd CUC CORE FIT approved solar PV energy system in Cayman (below). In 2014 the same team installed the Island’s largest rooftop PV system (shown above) and now have over 500,000 watts of commercial solar energy systems installed in Camana Bay with mega watts more planned in 2016 and beyond. Making Florida Solar One and Cayman Solar the largest Cayman solar company on island.

The completely Off Grid complete home energy system shown below was installed on the East End of Grand Cayman Island. The systems has proven itself to be one of the finest hurricane hardened high energy output systems in the Caribbean.

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2010 Largest Residential System on Island

Material selection proves to be the most important aspect of any project in the Cayman Islands because most properties lie within a few hundred feet from the ocean.  

The Grand Cayman Islands face constant salty moist ocean air that will corrode the commonly used solar energy components in a matter of months.

Our obsession with marine grade stainless steel, anti-corrosion treatments and overall system longevity gives your investment the longest service life and highest energy yield.

Florida Solar One and Cayman Solar are dedicated to commercial, hospitality and institutional solar power systems and have installed the largest amount of solar on island. With a proven track record  of that have been hurricane tested and latest call the professionals at Cayman Solar and Florida Solar One.

Florida Solar One for all your large scale commercial and hospitality based construction projects in the Cayman Islands. 

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