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How to Find the Best Florida Solar Contractor

Over the past ten years, The US Solar Institute has been dedicated to training and developing qualified solar energy contractors and installers so recently when someone asked “what should we look for in a solar energy contractor when every website says they are the best”? How does one find the Best Florida Solar Contractor when [...]

Florida Solar One a Top 500 Solar Installer

Solar Power World Ranks Florida Solar One a Top 500 Solar Installer The Florida Solar Panel market continues to grow with twenty-seven Florida based solar energy companies making the Solar Power World’s top 500 solar panel installer list. Florida Solar One a Top 500 Solar Installer in the state and nation in 2014 with a [...]

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US Solar to Present at Environmental June Luncheon

Local, Florida-based solar company US Solar, will be presenting at the South Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (SFAEP) June Luncheon. The luncheon will take place Thursday, June 18, and will focus on the financial and environmental benefits of commercial scale solar for Florida businesses. The luncheon will also provide a forum for attending professionals to [...]

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Miami Solar Panel Installer Florida Solar One Chosen for Micro Battery Solar Power System

Miami, FL – Florida business Micropower Battery Company has officially joined the solar revolution in the Sunshine State! In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and offset their commercial energy usage, Micropower partnered with local Miami solar panel installer company Florida Solar One for the installation of a 33kW rooftop solar system. The amount of energy [...]

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US Solar Joins Young Republicans and Conservatives for Energy Freedom Event

Conservative college students and young professionals are hosting a town hall meeting with Conservatives for Energy Freedom founder Debbie Dooley, Floridians for Solar Choice, and US Solar, showing yet again that solar energy is a bi-partisan issue that young people care about, and that solar options are wanted and supported here in South Florida. Right [...]

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Georgia Legislature Approves PPA’s, Florida Hoping to Follow

Ah, the sunny south, the land of peaches, oranges and solar potential. I’m talking about Georgia and Florida here, and the key word is “potential”, unless you just really like fruit salad. Both states rank very high on sun index research that ranks states based on the amount of high quality sunshine they get, yet [...]

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How to Get FPL Solar Rebates

FPL rebates are back! How to get a solar rebate for your Residential System Sometimes the initial cost of solar can be intimidating to somebody who wants to “go solar”. Would a $20,000 solar rebate help? How about $50,000? For most, it would help quite a bit. Florida Power and Light realizes this, so they [...]

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Low Cost Solar Installation Services in Florida – Nearing the $1/Watt Mark

  For nearly 60 years, $1/watt solar panel installations have been the holy grail of the renewable energy industry.  The US Department of Energy (not to mention thousands of solar companies around the globe) has invested billions over decades to reach this milestone. Imagine having a 5kW solar-enabled rooftop for only $5,000.  With prices like [...]

A Firsthand Account of Blue Chip Energies Florida Solar Panel Scam

    Over the past few months, we’ve covered an ongoing scandal surrounding Florida solar panels manufactured and sold by ASP (a.k.a BlueChip Energy).  Most of our posts have documented the fallout based on our own experiences at USSolar Institute and much of the backlash from organizations like Underwriters Laboratories and Florida Power and Light [...]

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Florida Solar Energy Center’s Role in Panel Fraud?

If you’ve been following the ongoing saga about fake Florida solar panels manufactured and sold by Advanced Solar Photonics, Blue Chip Energy, now called Sfinkx – you’re probably as irate as we are.   If you’re not familiar with the scandal, here’s some recommended reading:   Solar Panel Fraud in Florida – What Becomes of [...]