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Florida Solar Energy Center’s Role in Panel Fraud?

If you’ve been following the ongoing saga about fake Florida solar panels manufactured and sold by Advanced Solar Photonics, Blue Chip Energy, now called Sfinkx – you’re probably as irate as we are.   If you’re not familiar with the scandal, here’s some recommended reading:   Solar Panel Fraud in Florida – What Becomes of [...]

USSolar Institute and Florida Solar One Lead Charge to Clean up Florida’s PV Industry

Florida’s USSolar Institute (USSI) exposes solar panel maker Blue Chip Energy as a fraud in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, sparking a nationwide panel recall from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing, violations citations, and more.   Fort Lauderdale, FL – April 22, 2013 – The year 2012 was a banner year for America’s solar industry, with a [...]

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Beware of Bad Solar PV Panel Warranties

For the past few weeks, we’ve covered some of the dangers of “poor” solar PV warranties in which manufacturers either won’t or can’t honor their promises to repair shoddy workmanship.   But it’s not enough to know that some solar PV panel warranties aren’t good.  You also have to know how to spot these bad [...]

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Solar Panel Buyers Beware Suntech is Bankrupt and ASP Frauds UL Listing

Company bankruptcies and factory closures are usually of greatest interest to investors and soon-to-be-laid-off employees.  But sometimes the ripple effects extend much further.   In an industry like solar energy where 25-year panel warranties are becoming standard, the future well-being of individual manufacturers can impact ordinary property owners on the other side of the globe. [...]

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Florida Solar One to Conduct Real-World Solar PV Challenge

USSolar Institute to run a 6-month solar PV challenge in which it tests some of the world’s leading panels and inverters under real-world conditions.  Fort Lauderdale, FL – March 20, 2013 – In collaboration with Caribbean and Florida certified PV installer & state licensed contractor, Florida Solar One, USSolar Institute, will conduct a 6-month PV [...]

Florida Solar One Wins Emerald Green Award By Association

Fort Lauderdale’s premier solar PV training college to receive Broward County’s 2012 Emerald Green Award for leadership in climate change and environmental responsibility.     On Saturday March 9, the Broward County Board of Commissioners will honor USSolar Institute (USSI) and founder Ray Johnson (also President of Florida Solar One) with its Emerald Green Award trophy for Climate [...]

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