3 Home Solar Myths Debunked

Solar HomeHearing mixed messages about solar power? We dig into some energy facts to help refute three common renewable energy myths and reveal the advantages of home solar technology. Let’s get started.

Myth 1: Solar doesn’t work in cold, cloudy, or foggy climates

FACT: Solar panels work well in ambient light and can produce significant energy in the fog or on cold days. In fact, solar panels are almost equally as efficient at cooler temperatures than hot ones. Although this might seem counter-intuitive, consider that solar panels on a rooftop in cool, foggy San Francisco produce nearly the same than a home in nearby Sacramento, where it’s sunny and hot.

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Myth 2: Solar will look ugly on my roof

FACT: We think solar panels are beautiful and many others now agree. There has been a lot of attention this past decade on renewable energy. Because solar is benefiting the environment and people’s pocketbooks, rooftop panels are now considered by many to be an enhancement instead of an eyesore.

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Myth 3: Solar is still so expensive that it will never pay for itself

FACT: Some people think that going solar is only for wealthy people or extreme environmentalists. But many homeowners choose to go solar simply because it can save them money by offsetting  their energy costs. Modern financing options mean that big upfront costs are no longer a barrier so many households can go solar for little to no money down. In fact, solar is now one of a few household purchases that could actually offer you short-term and long-term savings.  According to Energy Sage, over the last 20 years electricity prices rose between 2.5%-7% each year. By going solar, homeowners could potentially Lock-in their rates to protect against rising utility rates.

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